Design Project

For the design project, we will come up with an idea for an invention or mechanism of some sort, then determine the best way to create the idea implementing engineering principles we have learned over the years. ┬áBy the end of the fall semester we will model the project and the goal for EOH is to have a physical model to show. Examples in the past include the bicycle shown in the picture, as well as a study on the Magnus Effect. This year’s design project was a human-powered scissor lift. For information contact Matthew Poteshman at


Siege Machine Team

New this semester as a replacement for the sandcasting team -or, rather, as the revenge of the sandcasting team- is the Siege Machine Team. This year, we built a trebuchet and launched small foam footballs for kids to catch. Future teams will likely build other types of siege weapons to demonstrate (safely, of course) at Engineering Open House. Contact Rich McClure at for more information.



The VP of Student Affairs is responsible for choosing and planning social networking events for PTS members.  This includes activities such as a joint paintball outing with SEM, a bi-weekly Happy-Hour with free food, group trips to sporting events, and more. For information contact Alec Schaumburg at