Community Service

Booker T. Washington Volunteering

Booker T. Washington is a local STEM-oriented elementary school. PTS has recently developed a weekly after-school club in which PTS members give a short presentation to the students, after which the students participate in hands-on projects. These projects help demonstrate math, science, and engineering principles such as strength of shapes, electricity, aerodynamics, and magnetism. The mission of this program is to introduce students at a young age to science and engineering and show how those studies are applied to real, hands-on projects. Our goal for this program is to provide our members an opportunity to share their experiences with young students and inspire an excitement for engineering with fun activities. Sign-up in the weekly for the weeks that you are available to help out. Contact Stephanie Sokolyk at if you have any questions!


fundraising_bbq.20100920.4c97f82395e1f5.56238645We have been helping raise money for Grow in Illinois, a local organization that assists people with mental health issues.  Our first fundraising BBQ’s occur when the weather is warm in early Fall and late Spring.  Sign up to work in the PTS weekly and be a part of a great cause.  Also, if anyone has a charitable organization that they would like to help support, please contact Stephanie Sokolyk at as soon as possible.