Initiate Point Requirements:

  Undergraduate Students:
           Total of 9 points is required to initiate
  • Must attend:
    • at least 2 Service hours
    • at least 1 Membership event
    • at least 1 Social event
  Graduate Students:
          Total of 5 points is required to initiate

Member Point Requirement and Level System:

Active Membership (5 pts):

  • Voting Rights
  • Inclusion in our résumé book

Level 1 (8 pts):

  • Invitation to Initiation Olive Garden Dinner

Level 2 (15 pts):

  • Discounted Barcrawl T-shirt

Point Distribution


General Meetings: 1 pt
Membership Events: 1 pt


Happy Hours: 1 pt
Barcrawl: 2 pts
*Most social events will be worth 1 pt each, unless otherwise stated.


EOH/MechSE Open House: 1 pt/hour
BBQ: 1 pt/hour
BTW: 2 pts/session
Family Engineering Night: 2 pts


Active participation in a project team, with the team leader’s acknowledgement, is worth 5 pts and will be added towards the total points at the end of each semester.

Alec SchaumburgY5
Allison KautzY1
Amogh ChinnakondaN1
Anna FortelkaY1
Austin KodyY3
Avi DistlerN1
Balaji IyengarY1
Brooke MickeyY1
Ethan RozeneN3
Henry BeuvingY2
Ivan SanchezY1
Jack RenY2
Jake BoudreauY3
Jason KochanY1
Julian DelgadoY1
Justin KaoY4
Kevin MurphyN1
Lexi LarsonY2
Martin WazN3
Mason RosenbergN1
Michael MoccioN5
Nicholas SonY1
Patrick MendozaY1
Peter ChienY2
Richard McClureN3
Rodolfo OrellanaY1
Ryan KleinY1
Sakshi AgarwalY4
Sarah LandriauY1
Sean TaylorN3
Shivani VaziraniY1
Sophia LarsenY1
Sukrit PatwardhanY3
Tim SheehanY1