Initiate Point Requirements:

  Undergraduate Students:
           Total of 9 points is required to initiate
  Graduate Students:
          Total of 5 points is required to initiate

Member Point Requirement and Level System:

Active Membership (5 pts):

Level 1 (8 pts):

Level 2 (15 pts):

Point Distribution


General Meetings: 1 pt
Membership Events: 1 pt


Happy Hours: 1 pt
Barcrawl: 2 pts
*Most social events will be worth 1 pt each, unless otherwise stated.


EOH/MechSE Open House: 1 pt/hour
BBQ: 1 pt/hour
BTW: 2 pts/session
Family Engineering Night: 2 pts


Active participation in a project team, with the team leader’s acknowledgement, is worth 5 pts and will be added towards the total points at the end of each semester.

Ali AlbazrounY1
Anthony WilliY2
Arghyadeef PaulY4
Ben YangN1
Benjamin MayaY2
Caleb TrotterN1
Chris NavaY2
Christiane GrayN1
Christophor MetellesY1
Daniel McCauleyY1
Derrick LiuN8
Diego ZunigY5
Emily WeerkkodyN2
Ethan RozeneY4
Grace LuN6
Griffin KnollN2
Henar JuangaruaY2
Jack NuxollY2
Jason GoldenN6
Jill LairdN21
Jing-Chen PengY1
John VenetosN2
Joshua GanY1
Kamden DamrowY5
Kevin MurphyN1
Keyor PatelY1
Lin SongY1
Machael MoccioN10
Mason RosenburgN3
Matt KnornikY1
Matt LawrenceY1
Nick PoirierN1
Peter ChienY2
Pranjal SinhaN1
Rubin ZachariahN1
Ruoyang QuN2
Rutvi JariaY1
Ryliu LodesN1
Sean TaylorN1
Siddharth KandimallaY5
Stephen BrochuY4
Sukrit PatwardhanY3
Ying ZhangN7
Yu JihunY2
Yunlai ShiY2