Initiate Point Requirements:

  Undergraduate Students:
           Total of 12 points is required to initiate
  Graduate Students:
          Total of 5 points is required to initiate

Member Point Requirement and Level System:

Active Membership (5 pts):

Level 1 (8 pts):

Level 2 (15 pts):

Point Distribution


General Meetings: 1 pt
Membership Events: 1 pt


Happy Hours: 1 pt
Barcrawl: 2 pts
*Most social events will be worth 1 pt each, unless otherwise stated.


EOH/MechSE Open House: 1 pt/hour
BBQ: 1 pt/hour
BTW: 2 pts/session
Family Engineering Night: 2 pts


Active participation in a project team, with the team leader’s acknowledgement, is worth 5 pts and will be added towards the total points at the end of each semester.

Ajay Dugar2
Anisha Shukia5
Antonio Olmos3
Anna Alvarez2
Benjamin Yang7
Breanna Chan2
Brian Knoll8.5
Caleb Trotter11
Chibu Kurian Jose6
Christiana Gray3
Derrick Liu19
Eric Schmidt2
Grace Lu26
Griffin Knoll10
Haotian Liu5
Jason Golden22
Jill Laird22
John Venetos6
Joshua Gan4
Kevin Murphy5
Kush Patel5
Kyle Kallberg2
Mason Rosenberg14
Matt Lawrence2
Mehmet Aydin7.5
Michael Moccio12
Mitchell Gosmm2
Mohamed Radwan2
Nick Arand9
Nick Bahr2
Peter Davis2
Pranjal Sinha13
Ruoyang Qu14
Sean Stimac28.5
Sean Taylor17
Thomas Butruille7
Xunmin Jiang7
Ying Zhang37