Initiate Point Requirements:

  Undergraduate Students:
           Total of 8 points is required to initiate
  • Must attend:
    • at least 2 Service hours
    • at least 1 Membership event
    • at least 1 Social event
  Graduate Students:
          Total of 5 points is required to initiate
          An award will be received by an eligible individual chosen by the executive board.

Member Point Requirement and Level System:

Active Membership(5 pts) and Initiation (8 pts): 

  • Access to Resume Book
  • Voting rights

Point Distribution


General Meetings: 1 pt
Membership Events: 1 pt


Happy Hours: 1 pt
Barcrawl: 2 pts
*Most social events will be worth 1 pt each, unless otherwise stated.


EOH/MechSE Open House: 1 pt/hour
BBQ: 1 pt/hour
BTW: 2 pts/session
Family Engineering Night: 2 pts


Active participation in a project team, with the team leader’s acknowledgement, is worth 5 pts and will be added towards the total points at the end of each semester.

Aiden HeiberN3
Alex UkenY1
Austin KodyY8
Jacob StuderY11
Benjamin YangN0
Aarav ShahY1
David GibekN0
Fele FelembanY1
Jake WagonerN3
Johnathan BuryjN2
Johnny WolfN0
Kevin RifeY8
Aren HardyY1
Neil ThakkerY1
Max GoldsteinY1
Diana PhamY1
Ben HaakeY8
Eungi YounY12
Jack NordentoftY12
Tom KunstN1
Sumayyah HussainY2
Pranav BudhiaY1